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Kingham Jewellery School is an independent small business, established in 2010 by Nerissa Parker with a goal to encourage traditional metalworking techniques. As the owner and primary instructor, Nerissa aims to build her students’ self-confidence in their making abilities and encourage them to produce unique and engaging work. The school emphasises a fun, friendly, and stimulating learning environment.

The school’s website, photography and marketing are designed by Lee, Nerissa’s partner. Lee is a professional designer and artist who works behind the scenes as Kingham Jewellery School’s art director.

Nerissa’s Bio

Nerissa graduated with a BA (Hons) in Jewellery, Silversmith and Allied Crafts from Sir John Cass, which is now London Metropolitan University, circa 1995. Following her graduation, she pursued a Post Graduate Certificate of Education with a focus on lifelong learning. Subsequently, Nerissa completed a Post Graduate Diploma at the Birmingham City School of Jewellery, where she specialized in computer-aided design (CAD).

During her degree, Nerissa spent a year working at Tom Payne Goldsmiths, a traditional family jeweller specialising in precious metals and stones. This invaluable experience allowed Nerissa to refine her technical skills and develop a passion for precision work.

In addition to running Kingham Jewellery School, Nerissa also designs her own line of jewellery under the brand Nerissa Parker Fine Jewellery. She produces exquisite wearable art pieces infused with meaning and storytelling.

Nerissa at the jewellery bench
Nerissa at the jewellery bench

Nerissa Parker

Nerissa Parker Fine Jewellery

Kingham Jewellery School Owner & Tutor

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