Beginner Silver Jewellery Course

The beginners class is designed to introduce basic metal working techniques to students who are new to making silver jewellery. Our aim is to ensure students feel safe and confident in the workshop and have a good understanding of how to safely use the various pieces of equipment. We do this through the following projects.

Leaf Pendant

Simple pendant completed in your first class.

Stack rings

Make a set of three rings all with a different finish.

Rub-over stone setting

This projects introduces you to the easiest form of stone setting, a cabochon rub-over.

Lentil bead

A domed bead with surface decoration. The surface pattern can be etched, hammered or rolled. You can either make a large pendant or a small bead.

On completion of the course students will have a good grasp of basic jewellery making techniques and can be confident enough to set up at home. Students intending to further their learning can enrol on our Improver courses which cover more advanced techniques.


Sundries such as solder and saw blades are included in the course fees. Metals, findings and a variety of stones are available for purchase at the school.

As a guide students can expect to spend around £25 - £35 on silver and other materials to complete this course. The cost will vary depending on how much metal required and the type of stones and findings chosen.


Suitable for beginners.

Course Options

We offer a daytime class and an evening class time slot for this course, both courses cover the same beginner topics.

Daytime course

Our daytime Beginner Silver Jewellery Course is an 8 week course of 2½ hour weekly classes with a mid way half term break. It's a mixed classroom combining students new to jewellery and those with a small amount of silver jewellery making experience - each with their own set of projects to follow.

Evening course

Our evening Beginner Silver Jewellery Course is a 10 week course of 2 hour weekly classes with a mid way half term break. This class is beginner students only. On completion of this evening course students are considered Improver level and are eligible to attend any of our other weekly evening classes.

Summer School

We also run this Beginner course as an option in our Summer School roster as a 5 week course of 4 hour weekly classes.





4/2½/2 hrs

5/8/10 wks

Beginner Silver Jewellery Course


Nerissa Parker

You will learn

  • How to anneal
  • How to use a rolling mill
  • How to drill, file, saw & solder
  • How to form
  • Polishing
  • How to apply different finishes
  • How to work with pliers
  • How to set a stone
  • How to create surface patterns
  • how to set up a home workshop