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Setting Square Gemstones Part2

Learn about settings for small square gemstones. On this we cover how to set square and rectangular facetted stones precisely with a professional finish.


Silver Jewellery Morning Class

Work on your personal jewellery projects with a fully equipped jewellery workshop in our Silver Jewellery Morning Class. We do not teach specific projects in this class, however the tutor is available for guidance.


Fusion Welding Jewellery Course

The fusion welding precious metal course is an introduction to joining metal without solder. This technique is used to create jewellery with granulations as well as interesting surface textures.


Tennis Bracelet Course

Learn how to make a silver tennis bracelet with box clasp on our Tennis Bracelet Course. Design to your taste using your favourite gemstones.


Stone Setting Course: Freeform & Angled Stones

Learn how to set freeform stones and work with mounts that require setting stones with complicated angles.


Jewellery Casting and Wax Carving Course

Learn about jewellery casting and wax carving for jewellery using sand casting and commercial casting processes.


Chain Making Course: ID Bracelet

Learn the processes behind crafting two popular chain styles: the classic curb chain and the elegant foxtail chain.

Courses FAQ

Need help finding the right course?

Use our Course FAQ to find answers to our most commonly asked questions.

  • What are Beginner Courses?

    Beginner courses are a mix of short courses and term time courses for newcomers. Beginner courses will suit you If you have never soldered with a gas torch or used a piercing saw.

  • What are Improver Courses?

    Our Improver Courses are for students who know how to solder with a gas torch, anneal and use a piercing saw. You will have completed a Beginner course and want to build on your basic skills.

  • What are Advanced Courses?

    Advanced courses are for students who are confident in a jewellery workshop. You have a good understanding of how to construct jewellery but aspire to a higher level of precision.

  • What are Taster Classes?

    Our Taster Classes are perfect for beginners with little or no jewellery making experience. They offer a gentle learning curve to ease you into silver jewellery making and try something new. They’re also a fun day out and you take home a beautiful hand made piece of silver jewellery.

  • What are Intensive Courses?

    Our intensive jewellery making courses are full term length courses condensed into a shorter timeframe. Usually run over a number of consecutive full days or spanning 2 weekends.

  • What are Group Booking classes?

    Group booking jewellery making classes are perfect for small parties and events. We offer taster classes for group bookings tailored to meet your group’s skill level or adapted for a particular design. Perfect if you all want to wear matching jewellery to a special occasion. Visit our Group Booking page for more information.

    Search for qualifying group booking courses by using our course filter at the top of this page.

  • Do you run classes for children?
    All students attending classes or workshops at Kingham Jewellery School must be 18 or over, unless otherwise stated in the course information.

    The minimum age for students attending group bookings is school year 11, 15-16 years of age provided they are accompanied by fee paying adults. We do not offer group bookings solely for under 18’s.

Still have a query? Our School FAQ page may have the answers.