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Stone Setting Taster Class

Would you like to make a ring with a cabochon stone setting? Then this is the course for you! We show you how to a silver ring and set a stone.

Silver Bangle Taster Class

This sterling silver bangle workshop is a great introduction to basic metal working techniques and you take home a unique silver bangle.

Leaf Pendant Taster Class

Learn how to make a silver leaf pendant – this class is a perfect introduction if you would like to try working in silver.

Enamelling Taster Class

Join us on this enamelling taster class and make a colourful pair of enamelled silver earrings or silver pendant whilst learning about basic jewellery making.

Earring Making Workshop

Our earring making workshop is the perfect introduction to working in silver. Make a beautiful pair of silver earrings with a gemstone bead detail.

Anticlastic Raising Workshop

In this anticlastic raising workshop learn who to raise objects including rings, bangle and earrings to create elegant sculptural forms.

Recycling Scrap Silver Workshop

On our recycling scrap silver workshop you will learn how to turn jewellery silver off cuts into usable silver ingots and wire.

Flush Settings Workshop

Join our flush settings workshop to learn how to flush set round faceted stones so you can create modern and elegant settings

Round Rub Over Faceted Setting Workshop

The Round Rub Over Facetted Setting Workshop will teach you how to make rub over settings and faux claw settings for larger stones.

One-to-One Silver Jewellery Class

Our One-to-One silver jewellery class offers private, socially distanced learning at Kingham Jewellery School. One-to-One or with a friend.

About Our Courses

Beginner courses are a mixture of short courses and term time courses for newcomers to jewellery & silversmithing. These courses will suit you if you have never soldered or used a piercing saw before.

Our Improver Courses are for students who know how to solder, anneal and use a piercing saw. You will have completed a Beginner course and you want to build on your basic skills. We run different levels of Improver classes. Please see individual course information.

Our Advanced courses are for students who are confident with soldering and sawing. You also have a good understanding of how to construct jewellery. However, you want to learn how to make with a higher level of precision.

Make Jewellery with friends! Group Booking Jewellery Classes are perfect for small parties, events and social bubbles.

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silver ring with cabochon stone setting with a amethyst stone on a jewellery bench peg

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