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Working with Gold Course

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Working with Gold Course

Learn how to create gold jewellery, use gold as accents in silver jewellery and build confidence in using gold.

On this course you will learn how to work with gold and use gold as accents in silver jewellery. You will learn about the various gold alloys and the different properties of each carat. The course is in 4 parts;

Part 1 – Creating the raw materials

Students begin by making their own raw material for turning into a stack ring through melting, milling and drawing. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to melt down old gold jewellery as well as using new gold grain. Please feel free to bring scrap gold jewellery or you can use gold grain.

Part 2 – Stack ring project

Using the raw material created in part 1. You will be make a stacking ring customised to suit your personal taste. This project will teach you how to solder gold and how to achieve various finishes.

Part 3 – Using gold accents through Keum-boo & gold plating

This part of the course teaches how to use gold accents on silver jewellery through Keum-boo and plating techniques.

Part 4 – Open project using gold accents

This will be a piece of your own design. So you can explore these new techniques with full guidance from the course tutor.

What is Keum-boo?

Keum-boo is the process of fusing high carat gold foil to a fine silver surface.

What is gold plating?

Gold plating is the process of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal using an electric current.

Student Ability Level

This course is for experienced makers only with an intermediate level of competence.

Student Age Requirements

All students attending classes or workshops at Kingham Jewellery School must be 18 or over, unless otherwise stated in the course information.

The minimum age for students attending group bookings is school year 11, 15-16 years of age provided they are accompanied by fee paying adults. We do not offer group bookings solely for under 18’s.

Course Start Dates

We update the schedule every 3 months, usually around half term once we have an idea of how many current students wish to continue into the following term. This helps us plan which courses we can run. If you don’t see any dates listed below it’s because there’s nothing in the schedule yet. The best way to find out when courses are updated is to subscribe to our newsletter.

Sorry, there are no dates scheduled for this course at the moment.

Course Materials

Course fees include solder and saw blades. Metals, findings and a variety of stones are available for purchase at the school.

How much does gold cost?
Currently 9ct gold grain is £18 per gram excluding VAT.

How much gold will I need?
2 grams of 9ct gold would make an average size 2mm round section ring. We will discuss various approaches to making your gold go further during this course.

Workshop Safety

As a student you are responsible for your own safety in the workshop. The most important things to remember are;

  • Please listen to directions from your tutor to ensure you know how to use all the equipment safely and correctly.
  • Do not operate equipment you do not know how to use.
  • Covered footwear is required and absolutely no high heels.
  • Tie back long hair when using motorised equipment.
  • Please respect others and don’t interrupt students who are soldering, using the drill or any other equipment that could create a safety concern if the operator is distracted.
  • Remember to take all your belongings with you when you leave.
  • Please leave all unnecessary personal items at home.

You will need to bring

  • Your own apron, to protect your clothes.
  • Packed lunches are recommended if your class runs for a full day.

Please do not attend the workshop if

  • You feel unwell.

A more comprehensive guide to workshop safety can be found in our Workshop Guidelines pdf.

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