Covid-19 Safety Measures

Whilst Covid-19 isn’t the major health concern that it was we feel it is important to maintain some of the good hygiene practices introduced. This will help to protect our vulnerable students and limit coughs and colds being passed around.

If you have any Covid-19 safety concerns at Kingham Jewellery School please get in touch.

Keeping Each Other Safe

Face Coverings

We do not enforce the wearing of face masks. However, if you would prefer to wear one please feel free to do so.

Shared Equipment

Please clean each shared piece of equipment after you use it.

Feeling Unwell

Please stay at home if you are feeling unwell. It doesn't mean you have to miss your class, you can always join us remotely on Zoom.

Covid-19 Positive Test

We respectfully ask you to inform the school if you test positive for Covid-19. This ensures your tutor doesn't pass it on to the rest of the school.

Keeping the Workshop Safe

Social Distancing

Jewellery benches have been positioned to maximise the space available for each student and their personal belongings.

Tools at your Bench

Each jewellery bench is supplied with it's own set of basic tools rather than located around the workshop. Please remember to clean them at the end of the class.

Supplied Sanitiser

Sanitiser for hands and equipment are supplied.

Special Class Arrangements

Zoom Classes

If you are unable to attend your class due to illness you can still join via Zoom if you are feeling up to it.

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