Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I book a course?

    Courses can be booked via the Booking button or Check Availability button on each course information page. Both buttons link to our external booking site (Bookwhen) where bookings and payments are processed. You can view all our courses on our courses page.

    Please note that our current students have priority booking for all term time courses. If the course you would like to join is full please add your name to the waiting list on our booking site.

  • Do you run courses for children?

    All students attending classes or workshops at Kingham Jewellery School must be 18 or over, unless otherwise stated in the course information.

    The minimum age for students attending group bookings is school year 11, 15-16 years of age provided they are accompanied by fee paying adults. We do not offer group bookings solely for under 18’s.

  • Am I a Beginner?

    Beginner courses will suit you if you have never soldered with a gas torch or used a piercing saw before.

  • Am I an Improver?

    Our Improver Courses will suit you if you already know how to solder with a gas torch, anneal and use a piercing saw. You will have completed a Beginner silver jewellery or silversmithing course and you want to build on your basic skills.

  • Can I attend an Improver course if I have prior jewellery making experience?

    If you have jewellery making experience and would like to join an Improver course please contact us so that we can offer guidance. We require students to have a good foundation in workshop basics to ensure yours and others safety whilst using our equipment.

  • Am I eligible for Advanced courses?

    Our Advanced courses suit students who are confident in a jewellery workshop and competent at soldering with a gas torch and using a piercing saw. You also have a good understanding of how to construct jewellery. However, you want to learn how to make with a higher level of precision.

  • Can I make up missed classes?

    Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to offer alternative classes to the ones you have booked.

    Term Time Classes

    If you miss a class mid-term you will not miss out on any techniques. The tutor will make sure you are at the same stage as the rest of your classmates by the following lesson.

    If you know you're going to miss your final lesson of a term please let your tutor know in advance to ensure you finish your piece early.

    Intensive Courses

    If you know you are going to miss a class during an intensive course we recommend not to book. Due to the nature of intensive courses it is not possible to make up for lost time. However, we usually run intensive courses at least once a term so there will be regular opportunities to book.

    Workshops & 1 day classes

    If you are unable to attend your class please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

  • When do the school terms run?

    We organise the year into 3 terms plus offer a selection of short courses over the summer. Terms include a half term break to coincide with local school timetables.

    AutumnSeptember - December
    WinterJanuary - April
    SpringApril - July
    Summer SchoolJuly - August
  • How many students are there in a class?

    Our workshop has capacity for 10 students, however we limit many of our classes to 8 students per class.

  • How much do materials cost?

    The cost of materials will depend on several factors. As the cost of silver fluctuates and the amount of silver each person uses will be different the costs will differ. We try to include an estimate for each course on the course page in the materials tab. 

    We can always recommend alternative approaches to keep material cost down.

  • Do I need to bring my own tools?

    We have a very well equipped workshop, you do not need to bring tools unless you have your own set you prefer to use.

  • Do I need to bring my own apron?

    Please bring your own apron to protect your clothes.

  • Can I bring my own materials?

    Yes you can bring your own materials. A list of the materials required for one day courses can be found on the course page in the materials tab.

  • When is the next course running?

    If there are no dates on either the school website or our booking site for the course you are interested in then we don't yet have a date in the diary. Adding your name to a waiting list on our external booking site or registering interest on a course page ensures that you will be notified once new dates are added to the schedule.

  • Is there free parking at Kingham Jewellery School?

    Yes we do have free parking at Kingham Jewellery School! The school shares a large gravelled courtyard with the adjoining workshops for parking. Please be mindful not to park too close to the workshop buildings to allow plenty of space for our neighbouring businesses to move freely and take deliveries.

  • Is there a train station nearby the jewellery school?

    Kingham Jewellery School is a 5 minute walk from Kingham Train station. Turn left out of the train station, we're about 200m over the bridge on your left at the end of the Langston Priory courtyard. 

  • Is the Kingham Jewellery School Workshop wheelchair friendly?

    Unfortunately our workshop is on the 1st floor only accessible via a staircase.

  • Do you provide refreshments?

    We have a hot water dispenser to make hot refreshments during your class. Please consider the environment and bring a reusable cup.

  • Do you provide lunch?

    Please bring a packed lunch if you are attending a full day course. Alternatively, Kingham village shop about a mile from the workshops may offer limited lunch options.

  • Do you offer Gift Vouchers?

    Gift vouchers are sometimes made available on the run up to Christmas. Look out for a gift vouchers button on our homepage.

  • What are all the course dates for the course?

    To find the full schedule for a term time course use the booking button to visit our bookings page where full course schedules are available to preview.

  • How many days does the course run for?

    We offer half day classes, one day courses and term time courses.

    Day time term courses run for 8 weeks, with one 2½ hour class per week plus a half term break.

    Evening classes run for 10 weeks, with one 2 hour class per week plus a half term break.

  • Can you save me a place on a course?

    To secure your place you will need to book via our booking system.

  • I received an email to say a space had become available but now the course is showing fully booked again. Is there a space left?

    If you add yourself to the waiting list of a fully booked course you will receive a notification if a space becomes available due to a cancellation. Our system notifies the first contact on the list then waits for one hour before notifying the next contact and so on until either the course is fully booked or all contacts on the waiting list have been notified. If there are no spaces left when you visit the bookings page then someone else has already booked it. If another space becomes available our system starts the notification process over again.

  • Does the school have Wi-Fi?

    Kingham Jewellery School has free guest Wi-fi for enrolled students.

  • How do I ask a question not answered in the course details?

    If you have a specific question that isn't answered in the course details please use the course enquiry form which can be found on the course details page.

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