Improver Course: Faceted Stone Settings

Our Improver courses are designed to further develop skills garnered on our Beginner Jewellery Course and a great option if you have attended classes elsewhere and know how to anneal and solder. Contact us if you require a skill level assessment.

What are faceted stones?

Faceted stones have flat planes cut into the surface known as facets. A well-crafted geometrical arrangement of facets will reflect light both internally and externally, maximising the brilliance and fire of the stone.

Unlike cabochon stones faceted stones have a pavilion which helps create the sparkle in the stone. When making settings for faceted stones we have to create a cavity to ensure we can accommodate the pavilion. There are a variety of ways to achieve this. On this course you will be taught how to make 3 different settings for faceted stones.

Project 1. Basket Setting - a claw setting for a octagon stone

Project 2. Tube setting - the easiest of the faceted settings

Project 3. Faceted rub over - versatile setting to suit most stone shape.

Students will design their own pieces to accommodate their settings, such as rings, pendants or earrings.


Sundries such as solder and saw blades are included in the course fees. Metals, findings and  a variety of stones are available for purchase at the school or feel free to bring your own to work with.


Suitable for intermediate level students.





2½ Hours

8 Weeks

Improver Course: Faceted Stone Settings


Nerissa Parker

You will learn

  • How to solder with precision
  • How to saw with precision
  • Design skills
  • How to use a burr
  • How to set various faceted stones
  • How to file, polish & finish a setting