Introduction to Design: Developing Your Style

In this class you will learn how to develop your own jewellery style through sketching and model making. By problem solving using these methods students can quickly iterate, refine and improve upon an idea before committing to a final design prior to working in precious metals. These techniques will develop confidence in your ideas, open up new design possibilities for your jewellery, speed up your work flow and ultimately make you a better designer.

At the end of the day you will leave with a design either in 2D or 3D that is ready to develop in a metal working class. If you are a regular term-time student this is a perfect way to kick start a new project for self directed classes.


A range of model making materials will be provided such as base metal, wire, beads, glue etc, plus paper and pencils. Sketchbooks not supplied but not essential.


All levels welcome! You will be sketching and model making on this course so this day is open to all.


We take half an hour for lunch around 1pm, packed lunches are advised and can be eaten at the studio. Tea and coffee provided throughout the day.





6 Hours

1 Day

Introduction to Design: Developing Your Style


Nerissa Parker

You will learn

  • How to use simple design processes
  • How to use inspiration rather than copy
  • How to use reference and keep a sketchbook
  • How to make model prototypes
  • How to take your prototype into production