Married Metals Class

In our Married Metals Class you will learn how to create surface colour, pattern and texture by introducing different metals to your jewellery.

The result from various inlay processes leaves the metal with a flat surface with contrasting colours or textures which has the appearance of a single piece of metal. We demonstrate various approaches and techniques to inlaying metals including Piqué work and jigsaw puzzle inlay.

This course will develop your precision measuring, cutting and filing skills and is an excellent approach to introducing an element of surface pattern to your work.

What is Piqué work?

Pique work is the technique of inlaying small gold pins into various materials. The result is a dotted effect which is created when soldering the gold pins into drilled holes.

What is a jigsaw puzzle inlay?

A jigsaw puzzle inlay is a technique where a piece of metal is removed and replaced with a contrasting piece of metal which is inserted into the cavity. The inserted piece of metal is visible on both front and back.


Sundries such as solder and saw blades are included in the course fees. Metals, findings and a variety of stones are available for purchase at the school or feel free to bring your own to work with.


Suitable for intermediate levels students


We take half an hour for lunch around 1pm, packed lunches are advised and can be eaten at the studio. Tea and coffee provided throughout the day.





6 Hours

1 Day

Married Metals Class


Nerissa Parker

You will learn

  • How to solder
  • How to form
  • Finishing
  • Polishing


  • How to drill
  • How file